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# Saturday, 06 February 2010
#458 is alive! Its happy and printing in Melbourne Australia. Its brilliant! I'm gobsmacked by the possibilities of these machines, but pictures will have to wait until after sleep.

I had a great time putting it together, thanks to the Makerbot team for a great kit and to the people on the forum for all the great help. 
I have a successful print of the Makerbot coin, and a new insulator retaining ring (just in case).  After destroying the first orange build platform with the hot extruder head, I'm printing on one of the foam core boards, with a layer of extra wide kapton on it, and the raft holds well during printing and releases well after.  I'm having a few issues getting the raft off the printed part, but nothing a file wont fix while i'm looking into it. :)

Next up, Skeinforge battle to figure out what all those settings do. And then onto the heated build platform!

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# Friday, 08 January 2010
I purchased a heated aluminum build platform kit from Jet at It was promptly shipped out to Oz and in my excited hands. I can't use it until the 'bot is assembled of course, but now when I get the 'bot assembled, I won't have to wait for parts! Any way, I thought a photo of the box contents was in order. Thanks Jet!

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Hello world!
I've decided to take two plunges this year. I've bitten the bullet and purchased a CupCake CNC Deluxe kit, and I've set up this blog to document the adventures with it. Enough lurking, its time to join in!

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# Wednesday, 06 January 2010

Wednesday, 06 January 2010 11:36:25 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)  #    Comments [0] -

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