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# Saturday, 08 May 2010
Well, its not the most exciting thing in the world. But my new catch that holds my gate open is making it a lot easier to get the pram in and out! As much as the blindingly cool opportunities that the makerbot offers to designers, hackers, and geeks, its things like this that bend my mind.  I needed to hold my gate back. So a quick measure with some calipers, 5 minutes of sketch up, print, screw to fence. No more tripping over the gate.

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# Sunday, 07 February 2010
I'm slowly delving into the skeinforge settings. The main objective is to get the Whistle to whistle. Currently it looks good but it doesn't make any noise as the sides are too porous and allow to much air to escape.

I'm bringing the "carve>extrusion width over thickness" down from 1.9 (default) to 1.5. We'll see what it does.

As promised yesterday, here is some pictures too. Sorry about the color balance on the second one.

Sunday, 07 February 2010 09:32:37 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)  #    Comments [0] -
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# Saturday, 06 February 2010
#458 is alive! Its happy and printing in Melbourne Australia. Its brilliant! I'm gobsmacked by the possibilities of these machines, but pictures will have to wait until after sleep.

I had a great time putting it together, thanks to the Makerbot team for a great kit and to the people on the forum for all the great help. 
I have a successful print of the Makerbot coin, and a new insulator retaining ring (just in case).  After destroying the first orange build platform with the hot extruder head, I'm printing on one of the foam core boards, with a layer of extra wide kapton on it, and the raft holds well during printing and releases well after.  I'm having a few issues getting the raft off the printed part, but nothing a file wont fix while i'm looking into it. :)

Next up, Skeinforge battle to figure out what all those settings do. And then onto the heated build platform!

Saturday, 06 February 2010 11:21:38 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)  #    Comments [0] -
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# Friday, 08 January 2010
I purchased a heated aluminum build platform kit from Jet at It was promptly shipped out to Oz and in my excited hands. I can't use it until the 'bot is assembled of course, but now when I get the 'bot assembled, I won't have to wait for parts! Any way, I thought a photo of the box contents was in order. Thanks Jet!

Friday, 08 January 2010 10:41:31 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)  #    Comments [0] -
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