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# Friday, 20 May 2011

Ikea aquaponics - Currently dissembled. Removing the grow light killed off the last thriving plants. I've stripped it down and am looking into running the flood drain through 12V valves and an arduino. The loop siphon together with the tap are way to touchy to get to keep running in tune. A little algae  in one of the pipes and the flow rate is all off. The arduino should be able to handle the this and keep the system much more stable.

Makerbot Heated build platform (HBP) - Z rod binding is all fixed and the next problems is the mounting of the HBP on the wooden build platform causes it to rock after it hits temp. My best guess is the expansion of the aluminium is warping the wooden platform that it is bolted too. I originally though that it was the radiant heat from the element that was causing it, so I built a ceramic fiber insulation mat on a thin aluminium heat spreader to protect it. It made no difference.

Atomic Zombie High roller
Started, progressed upto welding, and now on hold. I'm looking into the Cruzbike as I want some suspension to protect my back a bit.

MythTV server - Our original prototype has been decommissioned and the new box is now set up with the dual pci tuner. The usb tuner was working fine, untill I rebooted the machine. I've removed it and I'll look into it next time I get an afternoon. Its running like a top and the entire family seems very happy with it. After arguing with an IR remote for a few hours, I ordered a small wireless keyboard with a little track pad in the corner. Its working really well and required zero configuration.

Motorcycle nav system - In progress, more details to follow.

Workshop - I've picked up a small metal lathe, and the bench to hold it. the next step is to get the grease cleaned off it and to get it tuned in. Then I'll need to learn to use it properly.

Food - Its currently olive season here, so I'm having a go at pickling some of my friend Jane's olives. I've never tried it before, and don't know  anyone else who has either. I've decided to do a four different recipes.
  • Hot washed Turkish style green olives
  • Fast brine cured olives
  • Slow brine cured olives
  • Salt cured black olives.
If I'm lucky, one of them will be great!

I've also picked up a CO2 regulator to fit a soda stream bottle and I'm making some home made cordial to go in it. The ginger creaming soda wasn't too bad. 

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